Jun 30, 2007

Escape by Night (1937)

A group of criminals on the run hide out in an abandoned farmhouse. They find themselves being "looked after" by a friendly dog, and soon afterwards they meet up with a blind man and his young daughter, and they begin to rethink the direction their life has been taking them.

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Gangster's Boy (1938)

A popular high school valedictorian and star athlete becomes a pariah when it's discovered that his father is a former bootlegger.

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My Favorite Brunette (1947)

Baby photographer Ronnie Jackson, on death row in San Quentin, tells reporters how he got there: taking care of his private-eye neighbor's office, Ronnie is asked by the irresistible Baroness Montay to find the missing Baron.

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Jun 29, 2007

Nancy Drew... Reporter (1939)

Nancy Drew, reporter for the school newspaper, tries to clear a girl of murder charges.

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Shock (1946)

A mad psychiatrist (Vincent Price) murders his wife, and then discovers that one of his patients has witnessed the event.

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Jun 28, 2007

Them! (1954)

Nuclear tests in the desert result in the growth of gigantic mutant ants who menace cities in the American south-west as a team of investigators and the army search for a way to control their spread in this Cold War-era monster film.

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Jun 27, 2007

The Fatal Hour (1940)

When Captain Street's best friend Dan O'Grady is murdered, Street enlists the help of Chinese detective James Lee Wong. Mr. Wong uncovers a smuggling ring on the waterfront of San Francisco and unmasks the killer, though not until several more murders occur.

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The Grapes of Wrath (1940)

A poor Midwest family is forced off of their land. They travel to California, suffering the misfortunes of the homeless in the Great Depression.

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Underground Rustlers (1941)

Gold stages are being held up in the far west at a time when the U.S. government needs bullion, just before the famed "Black Friday" attempt to corner the gold market.

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Danger Flight (1939)

Our hero tries to straighten out some juvenile delinquents in this adventure based on the comic strip "Tailspin Tommy."

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Jun 26, 2007

Dishonored Lady (1947)

Madeleine Damien is the fashion editor of a slick Manhattan magazine by day and a lively party girl by night.

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Planet Outlaws (1953)

An American soldier suspended in time wakes up to find himself in the futuristic world of the year 2500.

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Jun 25, 2007

The Stork Club (1945)

A hat-check girl at the Stork Club saves the life of a drowning man. A rich man, he decides to repay her by anonymously giving her a bank account, a luxury apartment and a charge account at a department store. When her boyfriend returns from overseas, he thinks she is a kept woman.

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Jun 23, 2007

John Wayne - Texas Terror (1935)

Sheriff John Higgins quits and goes into prospecting after he thinks he has killed his best friend in shooting it out with robbers.

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Teenagers from Outer Space (1959)

A young alien (David Love) falls for a pretty teenage Earth girl (Dawn Anderson) and they team up to try to stop the plans of his invading cohorts.

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Jun 22, 2007

Five Minutes To Live (1961)

This amazing bank heist movie stars Johnny Cash, Vic Tayback, Ron Howard, and country music great, Merle Travis. Johnny Cash gives a surprising performance as a guitar playing, sadistic psycho-killer.

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Jun 21, 2007

The Thief of Bagdad (1924)

A thief falls in love with the Caliph of Bagdad's daughter. The Caliph will give her hand to the suitor that brings back the rarest treasure after seven moons. The thief sets off on a magical journey while, unbeknownst to him, another suitor, the Prince of the Mongols, is not playing by the rules.

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Jun 20, 2007

Rock, Rock, Rock (1956)

A young teenage girl desperately tries to earn enough money to buy a dress for a school rock and roll dance. This early rock and roll feature includes an appearance by disc jockey Alan Freed, and performances by artists including Chuck Berry, LaVern Baker, and Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers.

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Princess Iron Fan/Tie shan gong zhu (1941)

Adapted from the story of Tangseng's going on a pilgrimage to India for Buddhist scriptures and passing through HuoYan Mount in the classical novel "Journey to the West" The first Chinese animated feature film.

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Jun 19, 2007

Desirable Lady (1944)

An "exotic dancer" is thrown in jail for "lewd activity." She later discovers the raid was set up by her boss to get publicity.

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Yu guang qu/Song of the Fishermen (1934)

In a village near Shanghai a poor fisherman's wife struggles with her twins--a son, Hou, and a daughter, Mao. After her husband's death, she has become the wet nurse of He Ziying, son of the owner of many fishing boats. Directed by Cai Chusheng. Starring Langen Han, Peng Luo and Kwah-Wu Shang . (No English subtitles).


Jun 15, 2007

Of Human Bondage (1934)

The tragic adaptation about a crippled doctor's destructive and compulsive passion for a coarse waitress was advertised with the tagline on one of its posters: "The Love That Lifted a Man to Paradise...and Hurled Him Back to Earth Again."

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Jun 14, 2007

First Spaceship on Venus (1960)

A mysterious magnetic spool found during a construction project is discovered to have originated from Venus. A rocket expedition to Venus is launched to discover the origin of the spool and the race that created it.

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A Bucket of Blood (1959)

Walter Paisley, nerdy busboy at a Bohemian café, is jealous of the talent (and popularity) of its various artistic regulars. But after accidentally killing his landlady's cat and covering the body in plaster to hide the evidence, he is acclaimed as a brilliant sculptor - but his new-found friends want to see more of his work. Lacking any artistic talent whatsoever, Walter has to resort to similar methods to produce new work, and soon people start mysteriously disappearing.

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Jun 13, 2007

Eegah (1962)

While driving through the desert, a teenage girl is frightened by a seven-foot giant which appears in her path. After escaping, she returns to the site with her boyfriend and her father in an attempt to find the giant.

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Abbott and Costello - Africa Screams (1949)

Abbott & Costello search for diamonds in Africa, along the way meeting a visually-impaired gunner, a hungry lion, and a tribe of cannibals

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Kansas City Confidential (1952)

Four robbers hold up an armored truck getting away with over a million dollars in cash. Joe Rolfe (John Payne), a down-on-his-luck flower delivery truck driver is accused of being involved and is beaten up by the local police. Released due to lack of evidence, Joe, following the clues to a Mexican resort, decides to look for the men who set him up and get revenge.

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Jun 10, 2007

Lawless Land (1937)

Jeff arrives in town to see the Sheriff only to find him just killed. The culprit is Clay Wheeler. When Jeff becomes friendly with Letty, Clay sends his man Ortega to kill him. Jeff foils the attempt and gets him to confess that Clay was the killer. With only old-timers Lafe and Bill to help, Jeff heads after Clay and his gang.

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Fog Island (1945)

A man invites a group of people to a holiday in his island home, intending to exact revenge on them.

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God's Gun (1976)

Priest turned vigilante Father John (Lee Van Cleef) hunts down a gang of criminals, led by Sam Clayton (Jack Palance), who killed a man in a local bar. On the gang's return to the town, they kill the priest, leaving a young parishioner Johnny behind. He now seeks revenge for the death of the holy man.

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Hook, Line and Sinker (1930)

Two fast-talking insurance salesmen meet Mary, who is running away from her wealthy mother, and they agree to help her run a hotel that she owns. When they find out that the hotel is run down and nearly abandoned, they launch a phony PR campaign that presents the hotel as a resort favored by the rich. Their advertising succeeds too well, and many complications soon arise.

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Jun 9, 2007

Gang Bullets (1938)

A ruthless but clever gangster who knows every loophole in the law has the tables turned by a dedicated District Attorney and his assistant.

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Gangs Inc. (1941)

Circumstances force naive Dorothy Adams into serving an unjust prison term, but she emerges from it a cynical criminal who rises to power in the local crime organization.

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The Racketeer (1929)

A dapper gangster sponsors an alcoholic violinist in order to win the love of a glamorous divorced socialite.

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Popeye - It's the Natural Thing to Do (1939)

Popeye's fan club sends a telegram asking them to tone down the violence and act civilized, so everyone dresses up and acts formal for a while, at least.

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Lady Gangster (1942)

An actress gets mixed up with a criminal gang and winds up taking the rap for a $40,000 robbery. Before she's sent to prison, she steals the money from her cohorts and hides it, intending to use it as a bargaining chip to win her release from prison. However, her former partners have other ideas.

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Martyrs of the Alamo (1915)

The story of the defense of the mission-turned-fortress by 185 Texans against an overwhelming Mexican army in 1836.

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The Smallest Show on Earth (1957)

A young couple inherits a debt-ridden old movie theater, appropriately nicknamed "The Flea Pit," and the three eccentric senior citizens who work there.

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Jun 8, 2007

Ninja Terminator (1985)

A Godfrey Ho "classic" starring Richard Harrison. An epic struggle to secure the supreme power of the GOLDEN NINJA WARRIOR... uh, plus this other movie that's been edited in. english dubbed


His First Flame (1927)

Fire chief Amos McCarthy (Vernon Dent), a confirmed misogynist, counsels his nephew Harry Howells (Harry Langdon) to avoid matrimony at all costs. Still, the lovestruck Harry is determined to marry his sweetheart Ethel (Natalie Kingston). All that changes, though, when it turns out Ethel is a faithless gold-digger. Disillusioned, Harry spends the night in his uncle's fire house to try and forget his troubles... until the clamor of a fire alarm presents the bumbling Harry with a chance to be a hero.

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East Side Kids - Smart Alecks (1942)

Compared to the East Siders, a gorilla is a household pet! Wait'll you see them slug it out to a finish with Maxie Rosenbloom!

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Jun 6, 2007

Zi mei hua a.k.a. Twin Sisters w/eng subs (1934)

Twin girls separated at birth are reunited when the one raised in poverty becomes a servant in the household of her sister, now the pampered wife of a warlord general.


Dancing Pirate (1936)

The story of a Boston dance teacher who gets shanghaied by buccaneers who might make his next steps be off the plank!

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Jun 5, 2007

Hell's House (1932)

Jimmy idolizes bootlegger Matt, and when he refuses to implicate his friend, he is sent to reform school. He befriends Shorty, a boy with a heart condition, and escapes to let the world know about the brutal conditions.

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The Beachcomber (1954)

Mr. Gray is the new Resident in Charge of the Welcome Islands in the Indian Ocean. The Islands are full of life, but the only other Europeans are the "sanctimonious, psalm-singing" brother-sister missionary team of Martha and Owen Jordans, and the Honourable Ted - a hard-drinking, womanizing social outcast whose English family pays him to stay away. Martha and Ted become an unlikely team when cholera threatens the islands and they must do their best to stop its spread.

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Six Gun Trail (1938)

Chasing jewel thieves, Captain Carson and Magpie head for the border where Carson, posing as a Chinaman, opens a store that buys jewelry. To flush the thieves into the open, Carson wins all their money at poker. They agree to sell him the jewels but plan to kill him and keep both the jewels and the money.

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Mesa of Lost Women (1953)

A mad scientist named Arana is creating giant spiders and dwarves in his lab on Zarpa Mesa in Mexico.

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Jun 4, 2007

Wild Guitar (1962)

Shortly after arriving in Hollywood, a hopeful guitarist appears on TV, becomes a superstar, and is exploited by an unscrupulous manager.

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Jun 3, 2007

The Sin of Harold Diddlebock (1947)

Twenty years after his triumphs as a freshman on the football field, Harold is a mild-mannered clerk who dreams about marrying the girl at the desk down the aisle. But losing his job destroys that dream, and when he finds a particularly potent drink at his local bar, he goes on a very strange and funny rampage.

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Alfred Hitchcock - Young and Innocent (1937)

Man on the run from a murder charge enlists a beautiful stranger who must put herself at risk for his cause.

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