Apr 29, 2008

Lost Horizon (1937)

Fleeing unrest in China, a small group of airplane passengers is hijacked by the pilot. The plane eventually runs out of fuel and crashes deep in the Himalayas, killing the abductor.

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Strange Illusion (1945)

Adolescent believes that his widowed mother's suitor may have murdered his father.

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Apr 27, 2008

Three Broadway Girls (1932)

Three former showgirls — Schatzi, Polaire, and Jean — hoping to land sugar daddies find their friendship compromised when Jean repeatedly butts in on the other girls’ conquests.

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Apr 24, 2008

Dragnet - The Big Oskar (1958)

The detectives take a report of valuables stolen from the home of a somewhat eccentric old lady. They begin to suspect something is amiss when she starts talking about how she gets the "scoop" on crimes by being the first to report them to the local newspaper.

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Dragnet - The Big Look (1955)

A man is breaking into homes and robbing women inside, beating some for no apparent reason.

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Dragnet - The Big Lift (1955)

17 homes in 5 weeks have been stripped of all valuables.

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Dragnet - The Big Producer (1954)

Obscene literature and pictures are spread among youngster at a school in Los Angeles. The supplier of this illegal stuff turns out to be a former film producer from the days of silent movies.

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Dragnet - The Big False Make (1954)

Friday begins to question a local gardener, who has been arrested for holding up a grocery store. During the interrogation Friday begins to have strong doubts about the man's guilt, and sets out to discover why the man has confessed to a crime Friday believes he didn't commit.

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Dragnet - The Big Frame (1954)

A man is found dead in the gutter. At first it seems as a hit-run case, but Friday and Smith become suspicious when all witnesses from the night before give exactly the same story. Usually witnesses are at variance in some respects.

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Dragnet - The Big Girl (1954)

The detectives try to track down a tall, beautiful woman who has been terrorizing the city by robbing men, beating them up and in some cases shooting them. Their job is made more difficult by the fact that there are many inconsistencies in the victims' reports.

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Dragnet - The Big Hit-Run Killer (1954)

A truck kills an old lady and her little grandson at a crossing and drives away. The owner of the truck asserts that he let a man called Paul lend the truck for one hour, but he doesn't know the last name of this man or where he lives. The police must investigate all circumstances, but should Friday and Smith really spend lots of resources on trying to find a man they hardly believe exists at all?

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Apr 11, 2008

Dragnet - The Big Shoplift (1954)

There seems to be a lot of recent theft at retail stores in the city, and Jack Webb and his partner are on the case.

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Dragnet - The Big Boys (1954)

Friday and Smith receive a bulletin about an armed four-man gang, two of whom are army deserters, who have committed a series of robberies and auto thefts in San Francisco and are on their way to Los Angeles

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Dragnet - The Big Bird (1955)

Someone is breaking into suburban homes and killing pet birds.

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Dragnet - The Big Thief (1953)

A gang of robbers are calling Los Angeles physicians down to hotels and mugging and robbing them of drugs and valuables. Sargeants Friday and Smith are called in to put a stop to this.

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Dragnet - The Big Betty (1953)

A gang of con artists checks the obituary section of the daily newspaper, then uses the information they gather to prey on the grief-stricken families of those who have recently died.

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Dragnet - The Big Hands (1953)

Friday and Smith are assigned to investigate the strangulation of an unidentified woman in a hotel room. With no leads and no clues, and no idea of who she is, they must start from scratch to find her killer.

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Dragnet - The Big Run (1953)

Reports that a holdup man had been located, the report said he was armed.

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Dragnet - The Big Show (1953)

A lady reports an abandoned baby at a bus depot. Officers Friday and Smith investigate.

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Apr 4, 2008

Dragnet - The Big Grandma (1953)

An expert check forger had written over $20,000 in bad checks.

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Dragnet - The Big Seventeen (1952)

Upper middle-class teenagers in Los Angeles are going crazy. They trash a movie theater, beating up the manager and pushing a young man through a plate glass window. Sargeant Friday must get to the bottom of what is causing this to happen.

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Dragnet - The Big Casing (1952)

It was 4:35 p.m. when we got to the Kelsey Apartments. The call came in a half hour before. A man phoned in the fatal shooting of his wife. We didn't know how it happened. We didn't know why it happened. The husband claimed in was suicide. The evidence pointed to murder.

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Dragnet - The Big Phone Call (1952)

Friday and Jacobs question a jeweler regarding the robbery of a colleague. The man takes offense at being questioned about the incident, but as the detectives begin to amass evidence, the jeweler's outrage quickly begins to lose credibility.

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Dragnet - The Big September Man (1952)

Someone murdered a secretary late at night in her office. She was beaten to death with a metal pipe wrapped in newspaper. Could it be the drunk found three blocks away beating his head against a wall?

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