Aug 31, 2007

David and Goliath (1960)

The Philistines declare war on the Israelites and wrench the Arch of the Allience from them.

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Song at Midnight - Ye ban ge sheng (1937)

A former opera star, whose face has been disfigured by acid, meets and falls in love with a young female singer a decade after faking news of his death and spending his shadowy existence harboring a desire for vengeance against those who wronged him. Sound like "The Phantom of the Opera"? This artful thriller from China was inspired by the horror classic.
Mandarin Chinese with English subtitles.


Aug 29, 2007

The Young In Heart (1938)

The Carletons make a living as card sharps and finding new suckers to mooch off of. When their latest scam backfires.

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Topper (1937)

A fun-loving couple, finding that they died and are now ghosts, decide to shake up the stuffy lifestyle of a friend of theirs.

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Aug 26, 2007

Damon and Pythias (1962)

Pythias, a liberal Athenian who believes all men are brothers, is condemned to death by Dionysus, the tyrant of Syracuse, who finds this view dangerous.

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Gladiator of Rome (1962)

A warrior protecting a slave girl, who is really a princess, winds up as a gladiator in the Roman arenas.

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Aug 25, 2007

The Sadist (1963)

Three teachers driving into Los Angeles for a ball game have car trouble and pull off into an old wrecking yard where they are held at bay by a bloodthirsty psycho and his crazy girlfriend.
This critically acclaimed but little known film plays out in real time and is loosely based on 50's thrill killer Charles Starkweather, with cult actor/singer Arch Hall, Jr. (Eegah, Wild Guitar, The Choppers) in the title role and (Hall's Eegah! co-star) Marilyn Manning as his girlfriend. Cinematography by Vilmos Zsigmond (Deliverance, The Deer Hunter, Close Encounters of the Third Kind) in his first American film.

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This Man Can't Die (1967)

Martin Benson is a western lawman who must pose an a shifty gun-runner in order to infiltrate an outlaw gang. At the same time, Benson's brother happens upon the murder of his family and takes one of the culprits hostage. When Benson discovers this outrage, he returns home and teams with his brother to ride the trail of bloody vengeance.

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Aug 20, 2007

Mystery of the Wax Museum (1933)

In London, a sculptor of wax figures for a museum is horrified when his employer proposes setting fire to the unpopular museum in order to collect the insurance money.

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Aug 18, 2007

Page No Longer Available

We are sorry, Godzilla is no longer available.

However here are some other sci-fi monster movies available on iMovies:


The Legend of Marilyn Monroe (1964)

"The Legend of Marilyn Monroe" examines Marilyn through an investigation of her private live. From her turbulent childhood when her mother vanished beyond the dark wall of mental illness, through her short stays at various orphanages and foster homes to her marriage at sixteen to James Dougherty. Relive Marilyn's first exposure during World War II as a calendar girl for the war effort, one of her first performances in Ladies of the Chorus, and acting debut in "Asphalt Jungle", then into the limelight as a glamorous Hollywood superstar: "The Legend of Marilyn Monroe", lifts the veil of intrigue and depicts the essence of the legendary Norma Jean Baker we grew to love as Marilyn Monroe.

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Aug 17, 2007

It Can Be Done, Amigo (1972)

A drifter with fast fists and a gunfighter with fast guns help a child to claim his inheritance.

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Aug 16, 2007

Manhattan Tower (1932)

The denizens of the Empire State Building are the focus of this multi-character study of the lives of clerks, bankers and lovers.

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Mark of the Avenger (1938)

Under a false name, famed outlaw Pecos Bill gets a job at the Bellounds ranch along with his sidekick Frosty. Bill is actually Ben Wade, former owner of the Bellounds ranch and father of beautiful young Collie, the girl the two ranch foremen are fighting over. Ben works unrecognized, biding his time until he can expose the men who, years before, killed his partner and framed him for the crime, then stole his ranch.

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Aug 15, 2007

Charade (1953)

A trio of stories starring James and Pamela Mason.

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Glorifying the American Girl (1929)

The rise of a showgirl, Gloria Hughes, culminating in a Ziegfeld extravaganza

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Fantômas - À l'ombre de la guillotine (1913)

Fantômas makes it as the emperor of Crime. First is the robbery at the Royal Palace Hotel. Then he abducts Lord Beltham. As Fantômas' fame increases actor Valgrand creates the rôle of public enemy No.1 on stage.


Jigsaw (1949)

When the owner of a printing shop is found dead, the District Attorney assumes that it was a suicide. But the Assistant D.A., Howard Malloy, suspects that there is a connection with an extremist political group called the 'Crusaders'.

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Aug 14, 2007

The Great Rupert (1950)

A squirrel helps a poor vaudeville family led by Jimmy Durante at Christmas by stealing cash their landlord has stashed in a wall. Also stars Terry Moore (Mighty Joe Young) as Jimmy Durante's daughter.

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Oath of Vengeance (1944)

Fuzzy opens a store only to find that everyone buys on credit. The absence of cash is due to the range war between the cattlemen and the farmers started by Kinney. The Sheriff being worthless, Billy is quickly drawn into the conflict.

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Aug 13, 2007

Black Dragons (1942)

A cabal of American industrialists, all fifth-columnists intent on sabotaging the war effort, are methodically murdered by the malevolent Monsieur Colomb. It is only until detective Dick Martin is assigned to the case that everyone's true motives and identities are revealed.

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Aug 11, 2007

Dick Tracy Meets Gruesome (1947)

Dick Tracy goes up against a villain who robs banks using a nerve gas.

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The Crooked Circle (1932)

A group secret society of amateur detectives sets out to expose The Crooked Circle, a secretive group of hooded occultists.

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Aug 10, 2007

The Beast of Yucca Flats (1961)

A defecting Russian scientist is transformed by an atomic test into a hulking monster, Tor Johnson, of course. Not much else except some people are killed, boys get lost, and a rabbit sniffs Tor's corpse.

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Aug 9, 2007

All Quiet on the Western Front (1930)

Adapted from a novel by German author Erich Maria Remarque, the film follows a group of German schoolboys, talked into enlisting at the beginning of World War 1 by their jingoistic teacher. The story is told entirely through the experiences of the young German recruits and highlights the tragedy of war through the eyes of individuals. As the boys witness death and mutilation all around them, any preconceptions about "the enemy" and the "rights and wrongs" of the conflict disappear, leaving them angry and bewildered.


Aug 8, 2007

The Belle Starr Story (1968)

Abused and dominated by men in her youth, Belle Starr now out-rides, out-smokes, out-shoots, and out-gambles them as she makes her way around the Old West, usually wearing male garb.

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Aug 7, 2007

Santa Fe Trail (1940)

The story of Jeb Stewart, his romance with Kit Carson Holliday, friendship with George Custer and battles against John Brown in the days leading up to the outbreak of the American Civil War.

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Aug 5, 2007

Boot Hill: Trinity Rides Again (1969)

Victims of oppressive town boss Honey are offered help by an unusual alliance of gunmen and circus performers.

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Romance on the Run (1938)

When a valuable necklace is stolen the insurance agent who mistakenly issued the policy suspects the suave and handsome man that her boss has hired to get it back and who the inept police officer on the case also suspects.

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Aug 3, 2007

Design for Living (1933)

Two Americans sharing a flat in Paris, playwright Tom Chambers and painter George Curtis, fall for free-spirited Gilda Farrell.

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Aug 2, 2007

Yellowneck (1955)

5 Confederate soldiers desert, make their way through the Everglades, against snakes, disease and all the other and try to make it to Cuba.

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Black Raven (1943)

A group of strangers are brought together in an old, dark house and must contend with two murders and $50,000 in stolen money.

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The Curse of Demon Mountain (1977)

Confederate veterans of the last battle of the Civil War set out to find a hidden treasure: diamonds hidden in a cave.

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The Quiet One (1948)

A documentary account of the rehabilitation at the Wiltwyck School of an emotionally disturbed Black boy who is unwanted, misunderstood, and inwardly tortured.

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Aug 1, 2007

Prison Shadows (1936)

A boxer is framed for murder after an opponent dies in the ring.

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