Sep 29, 2008

John Wayne - The Dawn Rider (1935)

When John Mason's father is killed, John is wounded. Attracted to his nurse Alice, a conflict arises between him and his friend Ben who plans to marry Alice. John later finds the killer of his father but goes to face him not knowing Ben has removed the bullets from his gun.

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Sep 28, 2008

Return of the Kung Fu Dragon (1976)

The complicated story involves the military conquest of a peaceful island-nation by an evil despot and his sorcerer ally. His victory leaves the island's three heroic protectors dead, but, their young children are hidden away to grow to adulthood with different identities, unaware of their heritage, in hope that, in time, they might challenge and defeat the evil ruler. The charming Polly Kuan stars as one of these children who has been adopted by the conquerer himself, initially as an insult to the defeated hero, later as his protégé.

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The Jack Benny Program - s03e07 - Fred Allen Show (1953)

While rehearsing for his show, the producers give him a two hour break and Jack decides to visit his sponsor to renew his option. While waiting in the lobby, Fred Allen is inside talking with Mr. Lewis, President and sponsor. Allen is trying to convince Mr. Lewis not to renew Jack's option and hire him instead.

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Sep 27, 2008

A Life at Stake (1954)

A gentleman begins to suspect the mysterious accidents that have befallen him recently are not just a coincidence. He begins to suspect that someone may be trying to kill him in order to collect on a life insurance policy. Could it be his hard-driving business partner wanting to keep the company going or the partner's bored but seductive wife that is interested in the money? Will he discover the truth behind the accidents before someone does him in?

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Superman - Destruction Inc. (1942)

A murder at the Metropolis Munitions plant draws Lois Lane into the thick of a sabotage plot; she ends up inside a torpedo about to be tested. Meanwhile, where is Superman?

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The Beverly Hillbillies - s01e04 - The Clampetts Meet Mrs. Drysdale (1962)

Preparing the Clampetts for their first meeting with his wife, banker Drysdale informs them that Mrs. Drysdale is a hypochondriac. The Clampetts assume that this means the old lady is a boozehound. Obligingly, Granny invites the horrified Mrs. Drysdale to partake of some "rheumatizz medicine" from Granny's backyard still.

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The Andy Griffith Show - s03e21 - Opie and the Spoiled Kid (1963)

Opie's friend Arnold seems to have it all--a new bike, fat allowance, and plenty of leisure time. When the pressure's on, though, Opie learns that these assets are actually Arnold's greatest weakness.

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Sep 26, 2008

High Risk (1981)

Four American friends, badly needing money, decide to make a commando-like raid into a South American country and steal $5 million from the hacienda of an American-born drug dealer who lives there. The four Americans then succeed rather easily in stealing the money, but soon run into trouble trying to get back out of the country, as both the drug dealer and a small army of bandits each hunt them down trying to get the money.

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Cisco Kid - s01e15 - Lynching Story (1950)

Poncho and Cisco try to prevent a mob from lynching the prospective son-in-law of a mine owner when the man is found murdered.

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Sep 24, 2008

John Wayne - The Hurricane Express (1932)

The Hurricane Express (1932) is a 12-chapter Mascot Pictures film serial that stars John Wayne as the airplane pilot Larry Baker who goes after a mystery villain named "The Wrecker," the man responsible for a train crash that killed his father.

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Blood on the Sun (1945)

Nick Condon (James Cagney) is a newspaper reporter working in Tokyo who refuses to toe the Japanese line on the expansionist policies of the anti-democratic Imperialist government. When it become clear to the authorities that Condon isn't going to cooperate and that he has some valuable information and contacts, they decide to get him in their clutches for some interrogations and then dispose of him.

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My Little Margie - s03e18 - Meet Mr. Murphy (1953)

Vern is so angry when he learns that Margie is taking care of a chimpanzee, that she doesn't get the chance to tell him it's for his client, who's making a jungle movie. He pays Freddie to kidnap the chimp, and when he squeals to Margie, she has him go through with it to teach Vern a lesson. The chimp then escapes from Freddie.

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Sep 23, 2008

John Wayne - The Desert Trail (1935)

Rodeo star John Scott and his gambler friend Kansas Charlie are wrongly accused of armed robbery. They leave town as fast as they can to go looking for their own suspects in Poker City.

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Richard Diamond Private Detective - s01e08 - The Chess Player (1957)

Diamond is hired by a woman to become a bodyguard to her husband, without him knowing it. He is a businessman who has received several threats against his life which he refuses to take seriously.

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The Lucy Show - s06e08 - Lucy and Robert Goulet (1967)

When a handsome truck driver is turned down for a loan, she convinces him to enter a Robert Goulet look alike contest in order to win the needed cash.
Guest staring: Robert Goulet

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Sep 22, 2008

You Bet Your Life - Secret Word "Food" (1954)

You Bet Your Life is an American radio and television quiz show. The first and most famous version was hosted by Groucho Marx, of Marx Brothers fame, with the unflappable announcer and assistant George Fenneman.

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Sep 21, 2008

The Gene Autry Show - s01e11 Six-shooter Sweepstakes (1950)

Champion loses a fixed horse race, but helps Gene track down a gang of bank robbers.

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Popeye the Sailor Meets Sindbad the Sailor (1936)

After sending his giant bird, Rokh, to wreck Popeye's boat and kidnap Olive Oyl, Sindbad forces Olive to dance for him by firing buckshot at her feet with a pea-shooter. Popeye attempts to rescue her while J. Wellington Wimpy follows a duck around with a meat-grinder.

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Sep 20, 2008

The Lawless Frontier (1934)

Mexican outlaw Zanti killed John Tobin's parents. John teams up with Dusty, also hurt by Zanti, to get the bad guy.

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The Wrong Road (1937)

A young married couple whose plans for their life together haven't turned out as expected decide to rob the bank where the husband works.

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The Jack Benny Program - s08e10 - The Honeymooners Show (1958)

Jack plays Ralph Kramden in a take-off of The Honeymooners, with Audrey Meadows as Alice and Dennis Day as Ed Norton.

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Superman - The Mechanical Monsters (1941)

An inventor has built powerful giant robots that can fly like planes and open banks like cans. Of course, Lois Lane gets into trouble with a robot; can Superman rescue her?

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Sep 18, 2008

The Beverly Hillbillies - s01e03 - Meanwhile Back at the Cabin (1962)

The Clampetts find that the comforts of the mansion do not always compare to the comforts of their former mountain shack. And Jethro and Elly get something from Miss Jane. Elly gets tips and gifts on how to be a Beverly Hills girl, and Jethro believes Jane likes him.

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The Andy Griffith Show - s03e22 - The Great Filling Station Robbery (1963)

After a series of auto-related thefts, the shadow of suspicion looms ever longer over Jimmy--a youth with a troubled past. How long can Andy rush to Jimmy's defense before his own faith in the boy is shaken?

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John Wayne - `Neath the Arizona Skies (1934)

Chris Morrell (John Wayne) the guardian of half-Indian girl Nina, is helping her find her missing white father. so she can cash in on her late mother's oil lease.

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The Payoff (1942)

When a special prosecutor is murdered under mysterious circumstances, a wisecracking reporter delves into the city's criminal underground to investigate. Aided by the son of his publisher, he thinks that he's cracked the case... until his chief suspect turns up dead.

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Cisco Kid - s01e08 - Medicine Flats (1950)

Cisco and Poncho pretend to be wanted for killing a sheriff in order to join a gang of rustlers.

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Popeye - Goonland (1938)

Popeye's long quest to find his Pappy leads him to Goonland, where Pappy is being held captive by Goons.

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Sep 17, 2008

John Wayne - Sagebrush Trail (1933)

Imprisoned for a murder he did not commit, John Brant (John Wayne) escapes and ends up out west where, after giving the local lawmen the slip, he joins up with an outlaw gang.

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My Little Margie - s03e17 - Margie's Millionth Member (1953)

Margie's notified by a kids show that her son Vern is the one millionth member of the Stratosphere Scouts. She goes along with it to give the prize to needy children, and then has to produce her son for the sponsor, who is one of Vern's prospective clients.

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East Side Kids - That Gang of Mine (1940)

An east side kid has dreams of becoming a jockey. He gets his chance when he and his gang discover a poor old man who has a championship race horse. The man agrees to let the boy ride his horse in a race, but first the gang must get enough money to pay for the race's entry fees.

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Sep 16, 2008

Richard Diamond Private Detective - s01e06 - Hit and Run (1957)

Diamond finds himself facing off against the mob when he is hired by a woman to prove that her fiancee is innocent of killing a man in a hit and run auto accident.

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Sep 15, 2008

The Lucy Show - s06e04 - Lucy and the Starmaker (1967)

A young man wants a career in the music, but his uncle insists he learn the banking business. Lucy arranges for an impromptu audition with a record producer in the bank's lobby.
Guest staring: Frankie Avalon

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The Gene Autry Show - s01e10 - The Devils Brand (1950)

Foreman Gene Autry sends for the niece of his murdered boss, so she can take over the ranch, but a brother-sister team of outlaws kidnaps the woman and places an impostor in her place. The stagecoach driver discovers the replacement but is shot by the gang leader. Before he dies, he leaves Gene and Pat a cryptic clue.

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Sep 14, 2008

John Wayne - Rainbow Valley (1935)

You remember the Rainbow Valley? That's where the townspeople want to build a railroad, but keep finding their plans go awry. Why? Government agent John Wayne wants to find out, too, so he goes undercover.

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John Wayne - The Lucky Texan (1934)

Jerry Mason (Wayne), a young Texan, and Jake Benson (Hayes), an old rancher, become partners and strike it rich with a gold mine.

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Sep 13, 2008

You Bet Your Life - Secret Word "Door" (1955)

You Bet Your Life is an American radio and television quiz show. The first and most famous version was hosted by Groucho Marx, of Marx Brothers fame, with the unflappable announcer and assistant George Fenneman.

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Sep 12, 2008

The Lone Ranger - s01e01 - Enter the Lone Ranger (1949)

Pilot for the Lone Ranger TV Series. September 15th 1949.
Six Texas Rangers, led by Captain Dan Reid, are ambushed in a canyon by the outlaw, Butch Cavendish and his gang. One ranger, Reid's brother John, survives the attack. He is found and nursed back to health by an old friend from his childhood, an indian scout named Tonto. The younger Reid fashions a mask from his slain brother's vest, and becomes the Lone Ranger.

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Roy Rogers - Young Bill Hickok (1940)

Bill Hickok, assisted by Calamity Jane, is after a foreign agent and his guerrilla band who are trying to take over some western territory just as the Civil War is coming to a close.

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Cisco Kid - s02e14 - Vigilante Story (1951)

In order to break up a gang of vigilantes that's terrorizing the people of Buffalo Flats, Cisco and Pancho head into town disguised as a gambler and an organ grinder.

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The Andy Griffith Show - s03e32 - The Big House (1963)

When the state police leave two captured bank robbers in the custody of the Mayberry police department overnight Barney is determined to show the prisoners that the Mayberry jail is a good as any other. Unfortunately he has problems keeping them from escaping.

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Sep 11, 2008

Don't Look in the Basement! (1973)

Nurse Charlotte Beale arrives at the isolated Stephens Sanitarium to work, only to learn that Dr. Stephens was murdered by one of the patients and his successor, Dr. Geraldine Masters, is not very eager to take on new staff. Charlotte finds her job maddeningly hard as the patients torment and harass her at every turn, and she soon learns why Dr. Masters is so eager to keep outsiders out.

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The Gene Autry Show - s01e09 - The Posse (1950)

An outlaw gang try to convince a former crook to help them rob Gene's safe.

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My Little Margie - s03e14 - What's Cooking? (1953)

Margie invites Mr. Honeywell and a prospective client to dinner. She lets Freddie, who now has a job selling cookware, make the dinner. What she doesn't know is that Vern's client is a competitor of Freddie's company.

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Sep 10, 2008

John Wayne - Blue Steel (1934)

When Sheriff Jake sees a man at the safe and then finds the payroll gone, he trails him. Just as he is about to arrest him, the man saves his life. Still suspicious, he joins up with the man and later they learn that Melgrove, the towns leading citizen, is trying to take over the area's ranches by having his gang stop all incoming supply wagons.

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Richard Diamond Private Detective - s01e03 - Escape From Oak Lane (1957)

A man hires Diamond to watch over his frightened wife while he is out of town, but then Diamond is approached by a pair of doctors from a mental institution who claim she is an escaped patient.

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The Lucy Show - s05e17 - Main Street U.S.A. (1967)

Mr. Mooney and Lucy travel to a quaint small town to loan the mayor money to build a highway right down Main Street. When they arrive, they are greeted with intense opposition and Lucy decides to join the anti-highway townspeople fight the new road.
Guest staring: Mel Torme

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Sep 9, 2008

Porky's Midnight Matinee (1941)

Working backstage at a theater, Porky frees a little ant he finds in a cage, only to learn that it's a rare and valuable trained pygmy ant.

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Sep 7, 2008

John Wayne - Paradise Canyon (1935)

Government agent John Wyatt (John Wayne) is searching for a counterfeit ring operating on the Mexican/Arizona border and joins Doc Carter's (Earle Hodgins) traveling medicine show as a sharpshooter.

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Sep 4, 2008

John Wayne - The Trail Beyond (1934)

Rod Drew has been sent to find a missing miner and his daughter. He is joined by old friend Wabi whom he has to rescue from card cheats that framed him for murder. Later they find a skeleton and a map to a mine.

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