Mar 8, 2009

BBC Sunday Night Theatre - Nineteen Eighty-Four (1954)

In a future authoritarian state, Winston Smith rebels by beginning an illicit love affair and plotting revolution.
When first screened by the BBC there were numerous public complaints and these led to questions being asked in the House of Commons Following remarks by the Duke of Edinburgh that he and the Queen had "thoroughly enjoyed" the broadcast, the live repeat, four days later, attracted the largest television audience since the Coronation.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for providing so many hours of great entertainment. I am currently attempting a mp4 download of the BBC version of "1984." With slow internet connection, large files often fail. But I cannot complain. The majority do make get through.

Thanks again for a great service.
Rick Buxton

umopepisdn said...

thats why i have a link to the best freeware download manager on the left collumn :)