May 1, 2009

The Betty Hutton Show - s01e10 - Art for Goldie's Sake (1959)

Goldie Appleby, the outspoken local town manicurist--who previously was a showgirl--suddenly found herself in a fix when Mr. Strickland, one of her regular customers died and left her all that he owned in his will. A load of money, a mansion, and his three teenage children--Pat, Nicky and Roy. The ajustments made by all concerned--Goldie to luxury and social status of her new wealth, the children to their unsophisticated and unconventional new parent, and family lawyer Howard Seaton--but Goldie still had her remaining others from her previous life-her closest friends Lorna and Rosemary.
In this episode, Pat decides to move to Greenwich Village and to study art with a bunch of beatniks in spite of Goldie's objections.

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